Conference Power Points and Documents (2008)

2008 SERSA Conference Power Point Presentations:
(Certain additional presentations included)

Alternative Compensation Models and Our Members 
Written by Linda Davin and Sarah Ferguson (both NEA)
Contributors: David Schlein, Segun Eubanks and Bill Raabe (all NEA)

Bargaining and Advocating in Tough Economic Times
David Schlein, NEA

NEA Membership Strategy
Carmen Quesada, NEA

Characteristics of Large Public Education Pension Plans
NEA Collective Bargaining & Member Advocacy, 2008

MSTA Salary Campaign
Dale Templeton, MSTA

The Teaching Penalty
Don Atkiss, PSEA Retired

NEA Research TEF
Ed Hurley, NEA

Fantasy Finance
Les Leopold, Labor Institue and Public Health Institute

The Economic Payoff to Educational Justice
Henry Levin, Teachers College, Columbia University

Washington State Living Wage Campaign
Jeff Wahlquist, WEA

Alternative Compensation Portaland Maine
Joe Stupak, MEA

Health Benefit Survey and Health Care Reform
Carol Malone and Carolyn York, both NEA

New Members and Unions
Mary Ann Jandoli, NJEA

Living Wage Campaigns
Debbie Minnick and Dave Winans, both NEA

NEA Public Pension Resources

Nancy McKenzie

Possible Activities to Organize for Settlement
Ron Suga, MTA

NEA Research Data Mine
Rex Costanzo, NEA

NEA Research Rankings and Estimates
Robert Glenn, NEA

Mobilizing the Next Generation to Action
Kim Rogers, Rock the Vote